The Expo

Welcome to the list of Expo entries for 2017. There are 23 entries total.
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Aurora Garden (Sonic Mania)
By AeroArtwork
Mania Random Bonus Mod
By MainMemory

Mania SMPS Mod
By MainMemory
Mario Mania
By metalkingboo

S3K Mania Special Stages
By MainMemory
S3K/SKC Random Special Stages
By MainMemory

SA2 Physics Swap Mod
By MainMemory
SADX Physics Swap Mod
By MainMemory

By MainMemory
Sonic 1: Terra Night
By SonicBurst

Sonic 2 Fine2uned
By Clownacy
Sonic 3D Blast DX (BETA)
By gamehut

Sonic Generations - Classic Green Hill Zone Forces WIP
By TwilightZoney
Sonic Limbo
By lordxernom

Sonic Lost World - Snowball Joyride
By dariosamo
Sonic the Hedgehog Bania: Gold! Edition ~ Promotional Demo
By Royameadow

Sonic's Fun and Easy Adventure
By Novedicus
Sonic.EXE Mania
By haloarbiter117

Sonic: The Return of Shadow
By JoenickROS
Spider-Hog Mania
By PotterAndMatrixFan

By Slashy
Super Sonic & Hyper Sonic in Sonic 1
By Clownacy

World 1-1 In Sonic Mania
By AeroArtwork