Community Voting

During the Contest Week you can view and vote on all Contest entries! There are multiple community trophies to vote on, most corresponding to a main trophy in the contest. In a change from last year we are hiding the current results until Sunday's results show. This is to prevent people from just voting along with what everyone else has for the common vote.

Lost Levels Community Trophy Group

The trophy group for the best entries submitted overall as voted by the community.
1st place gets the Hidden Palace Community Trophy, 2nd place gets the Wood Zone Community Trophy, and 3rd place gets the Dust Hill Community Trophy.

Angel Island Community Trophy

Best Mega Drive / Genesis Sonic hack submitted overall.

Generations Community Trophy

Best 3D Sonic game modification submitted overall.

Crystal Egg Community Trophy

Best 8-bit Sonic hack submitted overall.

Mirage Saloon Community Trophy

Best Sonic Mania modification submitted overall.

Windy Valley Community Trophy

Best art entry submitted.

D.A. Garden Community Trophy

Best music entry submitted.

Lava Reef Community Trophy

Best level layout entry submitted.

11000101 Community Trophy

Best technical entry submitted.

Polygon Jim Community Trophy

Most unique entry submitted.

Tails Community Trophy

Most improved entry from last year's contest.

Blaze Community Trophy

Entry from this year's contest that is felt to have the most potential.