Nearing Contest Submission Deadline

By Spanner @ 2020-09-13 16:00:12

Okay, the good news is that the Twitter issue has been fixed, so hopefully this stays put for the duration of the contest.

The bad news is that we are approaching the one week mark before the first Contest deadline, so if you are still planning on entering for judging, read the following:

If you want to enter to the Contest, you MUST make an entry on the website, and ensure you have a playable build by the end of Sunday 20th September.

Again, you have one week to refine your entry and fix any issues you find, and this has to be submitted by the end of Sunday 27th September.

Please use this time well, as we will not accept any updates following this deadline. Test your entry thoroughly and fix any game breaking bugs before the deadlines, as Judges are NOT your beta testers.

Obviously those not entering the Contest (or those whose entries get rejected for said Contest for not meeting the criteria) will have until the end of Sunday 4th October to submit to the Expo.

I would like to remind everyone to follow the Quality Control Criteria and Submission Guidelines for entering to either section, this is not a free for all, and Judges ARE going through entries carefully to access their suitability.

We have had a fair amount of entries so far but unfortunately there have been some submitted who did not read the rules and will end up being rejected. The SHC is all about QUALITY nowadays, not QUANTITY.