Contest Week Feedback Form Now Available

By Spanner @ 2020-10-27 13:50:16

We hope people have been having a good Contest Week so far. It is good to see that so far, people have been able to download the entries this year without any site troubles.

There's still plenty of time to download the entries, watch the streams and take part in the Community Trophies, but we are also looking for feedback to see what we can improve for next year's Contest.

Please click on the Feedback button at the top of the site to fill out the form.

Do note that we will keep the form available for a week or two after the Contest Week, but please fill in as much as you can when you are in a position to fill it in.

In addition to the standard questions we have, we also have a few new questions we are interested in seeing people answer them, to provide their opinion on a few things.

We will take all feedback into consideration as part of next year's Contest and Expo.

Also note one question we are looking to see when people would be wanting the Contest Week to be, so we can find a suitable date that won't conflict with particular events or time zone clock changes, as seen this year, which affected some streams.

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